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Rom Com Gujarati Movie

Rom com or romantic comedy is a popular genre of movies that combines humor and romance. It usually features a love story between two protagonists who overcome some obstacles or misunderstandings before they get their happy ending. Rom com movies are often light-hearted, entertaining and relatable to the audience.

Gujarati cinema, also known as Dhollywood, is the film industry of the Gujarati language in India. It has a rich history and culture, dating back to the 1930s. Gujarati movies are known for their social themes, family values, musicals and comedy. In recent years, Gujarati cinema has also explored new genres and topics, such as urban life, youth issues, thriller, horror and romance.


Rom com Gujarati movie is a subgenre of Gujarati cinema that focuses on romantic comedy stories set in Gujarat or featuring Gujarati characters. Some of the popular rom com Gujarati movies are:

  • Romance Complicated: This is a 2016 movie directed by Dhwani Gautam and starring Malhar Pandya and Divya Misra as the lead pair. It is about a love triangle between Dev, Maahi and Aashima, who are childhood friends. Dev loves Maahi, but she loves Aaditya, who is Dev's cousin. Aashima loves Dev, but he does not reciprocate her feelings. The movie follows their complicated romance and friendship as they face various challenges and misunderstandings.

  • Love Ni Bhavai: This is a 2017 movie directed by Sandeep Patel and starring Malhar Thakar, Pratik Gandhi and Aarohi Patel as the lead trio. It is about a radio jockey named Sagar, who falls in love with a girl named Shital, who is engaged to someone else. Sagar's friend Ishaan helps him to woo Shital, but he also falls in love with her. The movie shows how the three of them deal with their love triangle and find their true happiness.

  • Chaal Jeevi Laiye: This is a 2019 movie directed by Vipul Mehta and starring Siddharth Randeria, Yash Soni and Aarohi Patel as the lead trio. It is about a father-son duo named Aditya and Bipin, who have a strained relationship due to their different lifestyles and aspirations. Bipin wants Aditya to join his family business, but Aditya wants to pursue his passion for travel and adventure. When Bipin gets diagnosed with a terminal illness, he decides to take Aditya on a road trip to fulfill his bucket list. Along the way, they meet a free-spirited girl named Ketki, who joins them on their journey. The movie depicts how the three of them bond over their experiences and discover the true meaning of life.

These are some of the examples of rom com Gujarati movies that you can watch and enjoy. They are available on various online platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and ShemarooMe. However, please do not download them from illegal sources such as utorrent, as it violates the rights of the filmmakers and artists.

I hope you liked this article on rom com Gujarati movie. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know.


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